This week's Four Favorites are all about accessories. And my goal today was to show you things you don't see on every girl within a mile radius of you.  


1. I'm a monogram fan. But sometimes a sneakier way to personalize is great. This gold DC map necklace is so special. See if they have your city.

2. If you have a summer tan, think of this Gold Essie as a glamorous neutral. 

3. I am in love with smoking slippers. I have gold glitter ones and plaid ones for fall...but these metallic toe cap shoes are just the right amount of interesting and sophisticated. Plus their on sale for $50 right now.  

4. Even though I really love the Kate Spade and Rifle Paper Co iphone does everyone else. And I'm one of those people who just doesn't want a quadruplicate of everyone I'm having dinner with. This mother of pearl case phone case is so amazing and different.   

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