Four Favorites: Spring Inspiration

Four Favorites: Spring Inspiration

spring inspiration 

1.  Greenery: This photo by Pella Hedeby of tulips that haven't bloomed makes me realize, it's not so much the flowers I's the greenery! I love the way this arrangement is so architectural. 

2. J. Crew Optic Dot Dress: Love black and white. Love polkadots. This dress looks like an easy way to dress up a 'meh' day. 

3.  Cashew Kate Spade Tote: There's nothing more ladylike than a cream or light tan/blush bag. This one is versatile and I can easily see it with jeans and a sweater or a dress for brunch. 

4. Spring Vegetables: I am so excited for fresh spring vegetables after a winter of my chili obsession. This cookbook that focuses on seasons is on my 'to read' list'. 

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