While true winter isn't until mid-December, I think we've all embraced winter apparel and decor as the norm. This week's Four Favorites is all about winter inspiration and favorites. 


1. Shiny Objects: I'm not a fan of winter specific motifs in clothing or jewelry, so these Asscher earrings from Bauble Bar are just right for me. They're structured with a hint of snowflake, but easy to wear year round. Side note: Ugly Christmas Sweaters not included in these comments. When I do Ugly Christmas Sweater, I go hard.

2. Hanging Mini Evergreen Wreaths: There are no real rules for winter wreathes. I love how all of these have different textures and shades of green with a unifying big red ribbon to suspend them. Realistically, I don't think I can pull this off in the main part of the house without the cats swiping them down.

3. Long Holiday Skirts: I am over the moon about the resurgence of the vintage hostess 'party skirt' like this Carolina Herrera classic. Heck, there are even new companies solely dedicated to this very thing- You need to check out Bel and Beau! Pair it with a classic white button up or even a t-shirt. I'm almost positive I need one of these in my life, even if I am just wearing it around the house while making food for myself!!! 

4. Winter Berry Ice CubesAn easy way to add holiday flare to a beverage. Pick winter (edible) berries like cranberries and greenery (rosemary) for a bit of color. 



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