This week's Four Favorites Series is a generalized "November Favorites".  To me that means: fall, food...and more food. Here's a great hostess gift, some healthy hostess meal plans and decorating and the fall phesant I really, really want in my house.



1. Gold Wishbone: Anthropologie: I love the look of this as a desk accessory or part of a fall tablescape. 

2. Thanksgiving Tablescape: by Ginny Branch:  Ginny Branch is my new food styling obsession. She has worked with Kinfolk in the past which is why I'm so drawn to her work! Use a rough linnen as a table runner, top with greenery and short candles. Skip the elaborate floral arrangements that you can't even see over. 

3.Goat Cheese Appetizers: by Stephatable: This blog is in a different langugae, but it doesn't matter (side note: use Google Translate). The basic jist is to make high protein bites with different flavors that are mess free. Scoop refridgerated goat cheese, roll in seasoning and stick a holder through it. 

4. Phesant no. 3: Animal Print Shop: I really love the work in Animal Print Shop because of the negative space they leave in a shot. The lighting is so pure and gorgeous and the animals just do what they do best. This phesant pulls in neutrals at their finest, but I especially love the mustardy gold. 


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