There seem to be two types of Halloween lovers: The cut off finger, zombie lovers and the fall leaf wreath and lots of pumpkins lovers. I think we both know which category I fall into. I will be the first to admit that I hate scary movies. The trend of 'food that looks like body parts' on Pinterest grosses me out. And I would rather go to Costco on a Saturday during lunch time than even think about going through a haunted theme park where people reach out and pretend grab you. No. No. No.

One big thing that I think all fall lovers can appreciate, is the growing appreciation of pumpkins beyond a traditional jack o' lantern. A major DIY that has come into play this year is the flower arrangement in pumpkins. We're also seeing heirloom pumpkins and gourds being used that bring whites, pinks and greens into play. And probably the biggest trend of all this year in pumpkins is decorating on the outside only using glitter, brads, tacks and yes....even sequins and bedazzling methods. 

Here are my current Four Favorites for Halloween...also, side note, Hocus Pocus is not listed but obviously makes the list.  


favorite halloween decorations and trends 2013

1. Neutral Pumpkins With Metallics: I love pumpkins in their natural forms and colors, but if orange just isn't your thing...that's what paint is for. Small Shop Studio nails it by taking greys, blacks and mixing them with metallic edgy studs. I also love these painted white pumpkins with gem cut outs from Design *Sponge. This could be a really cute DIY for your office. 

2. Polkadot Pumpkins: Take pumpkins of all shapes and sizes and use a singular theme throughout in different ways. I love the way Martha Stewart's team used simple holes to create so many different looks. 

3. Pumpkins as Coolers:  I love the white pumpkin used as a cooler on Style Me Pretty. The great part is you can actually make a pretty darn effective cooler with only removing the top. Fill it with ice and a little bit of water to chill drinks quickly. 

4. Clever Halloween Costumes: We live in a time of the 'sexy whatever' costume. And the fact that it's creeping down the age totem pole is freaking me out a little. I love halloween costumes that are clever or over the top. The Cardboard Birkin Bag is easy to make at home and a classic icon.  


What's your favorite part of Halloween? How did you decorate your pumpkin this year?  

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