I'm a leopard lover. Yes, there are times when it can be done in a 'San-Juan airport 6 sizes too small' sort of way...but I really like to think of it as a neutral. Hear me out. You've got earth tone colors with organic shapes. If done as a shoe, or paired with a very simple top, it's a smart way to add interest and youth to an outfit. Let me just say that my leopard low heels were my life when I spent time learning to be a dietitian in a hospital (Lab coat just doesn't say 'stylish') but to this day I get stopped by people wanting to know where they're from. Ready? Target. Five years ago. I'm exciting.



1. Framable. Leopard has door opened in city hotel. There is nothing more beautiful than a big wild cat. Scary as hell but strong...and can I say I love their paws? Absolutely hate that I can't find the original source for this shot, but I can see this in an entry way.

2. My love for enamel animal inspired jewelry knows no bounds. Kenneth Jay Lane is a favorite of mine, although Lou Lou has been doing some great ones as well. Again, leopard paired with black is just the right amount of fun. 

3. Leopard smoking slippers. If leopard plus heels are a little too 'va-va-voom' for you, try these flats. Since smoking slippers made a come back last fall, you'll be able to find a wide variety. These are from a Refinery 29 DC photo shoot but there's everything from these metallic toe capped Dillard's version to this version by Jessica Simpson. 

4. This is Alison from Chain Strap Purse in DC and she did leopard the right way. She mixed structured and sophisticated length leopard shorts with a black striped satin top. It's fun, it's not too much. I love it. 


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