I always think it's interesting to see what people are looking to purchase or what's on their 'wish list'. To be honest, I do not need anything. I don't get tempted by many websites or window shopping. I'm seriously satisfied! Over the past year I've done a major closet and posessions overhaul. Both the husband and I have gotten rid of duplicates of items or have slowly upgraded to quality items that will last a long time. Expensive? Sometimes. But as the Japanese proverb says, "Buy quality and you'll only cry once".  We are also big fans of the quote from William Morris “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful." 

Needless to say I now have a very clear idea of the holes or 'upgrades' needed in my closet as well as staples that always work with me. Luckily I've been the same size for a very long time so apparel in a very classic style serves me well for the long haul. This is what I'm currently eyeing: 

blogger christmas wish list: closet staples 

1. Le Specs Halfmoon Magic Sunglasses:  For the past few years I've been wearing some kind of funky large sunglasses from Coach. They have a lucite boarder with a black/plum main color. Luckily I don't lose or break glasses. Can I see myself continuing to wear them for the long haul? Probably not. They're fun, but I like more structure and classic shapes. Update: I have since purchased these sunglasses from Moorea Seal that are very similar but black with a gold band. Not only are they 1/2 the price, but a % goes to non-profits! 

2. LL Bean classic navy blue pajamas: Listen. I bought those adorable gold polka dot pajamas from Target last year too. I LOVED them. But they lasted a few winter months, wore out, got discolored and I chucked them. I'm over it. I want quality for something I'm wearing for hours at a time.  **Update: Ask and the universe will deliver! Gap had a version on sale at the time of writing this and I scooped them up for $38!  I love them!

3. Ellerby Riding Boot:  In college I bought two pairs of riding boot styled shoes for probably $50 each (seen here) . One in black, one in brown. They were awesome for trudging in snow and were my everyday footware in fall and winter (I live in Virginia horse country. Anything equestrian is the norm). But the soles of the brown ones finally gave out and the black ones are on their way as well. Time for a lasting upgrade. And I only want one pair…hence,  the dual tone is a wonderful option. 

4.  Black Structured Leather Handbag:  My usual year round handbag is a Kate Spade Wellesley collection 'speedy' style in kelly green (see it here). I absolutely do not regret this purchase. I love that bag. People stop me all the time to ask about it. But there are a few occasions when that particular shade of green doesn't work well with colors that have more of a brown undertone. I'm on the hunt for a black, blush or grey leather bag that's structured. This one is from J. Crew, but you can be sure I'll be checking Kate Spade. 


What's on your list?

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