While everyone is mourning the end of peony season, I'm happy to see hydrangeas here in Virginia: One massive pom-pom of color per stem that lasts twice as long as a peony. The nerdy side of me is always amazed by the color changes of the hydrangea in different soil pHs. But the absolute coolest is when you see a plant in pH limbo with half blue and half pink flowers. They're endearing in a  Sleeping Beauty sort of way (Make it pink! Make it blue!), but I love a classic blue and white arrangement in a ginger jar.

In honor of summer flowers, this week's Four Favorites theme is floral. 



1. This J. Crew green floral skirt and shirt combo is what I consider a modern floral. Not overly patterned or swirly. Just right paired with a striking kelly green. 

2. I love Kenneth Jay Lane. The enamel pieces with animal and botanical motifs are my absolute favorite type of jewelry. Yes, I love pearls, engraved silver and all that jazz for everyday...but statement wise I will always go for KJL's style. This  black and white floral bangle has effortless flow in the petals with pearls. 

3. I'm sure everyone is aware that Rifle Paper Co is now doing iPhone cases. Now that I've shattered my phone for the first tine since cell phones actually became available, this Floral Rifle Paper Co iPhone case is looking pretty good. I love the colors and the white space she left in the piece. 

4. I know you can't actually wear Fried Zucchini Blossoms but they are so fun for a summer cook out. Beautiful, bite sized crispy flowers. How can that be a bad thing on a salad? 


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