Happy Valentine's day week! I know about 50% of you love this holiday (I can envision my Mom digging for pink streamers in the drawer as I write) and the rest of you detest February until the 15th.  I think I actually fall somewhere in the middle. I don't like the commercially heavy handed aspect of this holiday, but I do rather like pinks, reds and whites...and sparkles...and chocolate.I also miss giving My Little Pony Valentines to classmates. And what I do truly like about Valentine's day is the fuzzy feeling. A friend of mine recently got engaged  and I'm in love with how in love she is. How can you hate that?

valentine's day 

1. I really love arrangements of flowers in the home that focus on one flower color and kind. Tiny white roses are pretty, but so are tulips...although, let's face it, we would all love some peonies this time of year. And, they cost less. Boom. (image)

2. Sushi. At home. YES. We are 100% about staying in for Valentine's day dinner. Sushi is never a bad thing. Although neither is Thai (and we made the menu for you!) (image)

3. I'm not seriously into themed or season specific purchases. But this heart bowl is adorable. I could see it being used for a trinket catchall or for keys or for snacks. Because I'm all about the snacks. 

4. God bless classics. I see women agonizing about what they will wear on date nights or for Valentine's day and then I saw this gorgeous image that's all about the classics. You cannot go wrong with a white button up and red nails (image).


Also, these foodie Valentines based on word play by Saveur are everything. I love the witty, playful nature. And if you can make 'smelt' work in a Valentine, you have my infinite respect. 

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