I am fascinated by what people carry in their handbags. There are entire YouTube channels and blogs dedicated to this very thing! I think more than anything, I'm curious to see if there's some genius organization system that's also stylish for making a handbag the perfect mobile command center. I must know. While I have already done a 'What's In My Bag'...way back in 2012... I figured it was time for an update. If you look back at the 2012 edition you can tell once I find favorite products, I'm loyal. I try to find things that are 100% functional but also beautiful. Who wants a heavy shoulder bag?!


The bag: Kate Spade Wellesley Quinn. Read more about why I picked this bag and how I like it. 

The wallet: Kate Spade Cobble Hill Lacey . I highly prefer these almost clutch style wallets to small square ones. I like to keep my business cards, business receipts inside without feeling squished. 

The leather planner: I'm a pen and paper calendar kind of girl. I'm so involved with technology everywhere else in my life that it probably seems odd to have the scheduling separate. But yes, I carry my planner everywhere. The leather exterior with my first and middle name stamped at the bottom is from Levenger. The calendar portion interior is a day by day planner from Tarjay. 

The sunglasses: Still love these Audrey's from Moorea Seal with the gold side bands. You can read about them here. 

The cellphone case: I use my iPhone. A LOT. It is probably the second most important piece of equipment in my business besides my laptop. But did you know cellphones actually aren't all that good for you? This case is by Pong and it is sturdy, safe,  battery saving and amazing. 

The pen: God forbid I get my hands on a pencil. I press so hard when I write I break lead. These pilot black gel pens get me to ease up. The ink never fails and it's always smooth. A good pen is a happy thing.


The French macaron: This tiny, lilac macaron box holds ibuprofen and a German over the counter medication that helps reduce swelling and bruising with herbs. No one likes a headache mid day or dealing with a scrape without adequate fixes!

The makeup bag & contents: The bag is a gorgeous leather and metallic piece my Dad brought me from Paris. The snap top makes sure nothing comes out. Inside I always have:

  • bobby pins (for frustrated days with side swept bangs)
  • a stain removal stick (I'm a mess)
  • NYC concealer stick (crazy cheap and totally awesome)
  • smash box lip gloss (like I told you, once I find something I like...) 
  • and last but not least, Kleenex. Crucial during the winter and for make up fixes! I love these little travel packs with pretty designs like this Greek key. Why shouldn't the little things be pretty too?! It's actually crazy how many Kleenex style options there are...and good options. I mean, Kleenex has even been in MoMa. TWICE.

Actually, it may be better to show you what I mean. Check out this video (It's pretty funny actually...I was surprised.) where they quiz people on the strew. Then, take this Kleenex Style quiz to see if you can tell the difference between designer pieces and Kleenex designs.  Go to the link below, click sweeps in the top right, and go for it. 

Also, if you're stuck inside for basically the next few days (Hi, Maryland to Georgia.), pin along with me on my Kleenex Style board where I look specifically for functional and stylish items. 

Disclosure: Thanks to Kleenex for sponsoring today's post! 

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