Have you ever walked by someone and just really wished you knew what perfume they were wearing? It rarely happens to me, but there are some scents I love... but can't put my finger on why I do! Even the scents I do wear or have worn are ones I like. Just like. I'm really bad at picking out perfumes and get overwhelmed quickly so the search never goes far. So if that sounds like you, you need to know about Pinrose Scents. 

Pinrose has you take a quiz to take into account personality, likes, dislikes and even past scents you've worn. Then, you're given three top choices that are likely to match what suits you. And even if you feel really lost, you can see the Pinterest boards that are associated with that scent. Shortly after, and a dollar later, you get a cute package in the mail to try them out! I will gladly pay a dollar for help narrowing the field of a search years in the making. 

pinrose scents 

Here's what I know about my scent preferences:

  • I hate powdery scents.
  • I've always worn light and citrus based scents like Clinique Happy Heart, Lilly Pulitzer and Victoria's Secret Angel.
  • The reality is I like deeper, heavier scents. Like leather, or specifically horse barn. 
  • I like food based scents, but not 'sugary' scents.

Out of the three blends Pinrose chose for me I disliked one, liked one and loved the last option. I'm still thinking about my favorite, Treehouse Royal which is described as "an elegant mix of fig, peony, and Haitian vetiver" (a smoky, earthy smell). Those that know me will kind of crack up because figs are my favorite fruit and peonies are my favorite flower. What's the phrase I'm looking for? Ah, yes. Nailed it. 

The more I think about it, the more I want to order the full size, but I still have to use up those likeable but not loveable perfumes. Decisions decisions.

Do you have a signature scent? What scents do you love or hate? 


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