First, thank you all for your feedback on the outfit posts. Looks like this is going to become a more regular thing! So tally ho! 

I'm not sure when it happened, but within the past year I've been drawn to neutrals with a single color statement. Black, camel, cream and gray are somehow new favorites to pair with my brighter handbag favorites (like the bag lovingly referred to as 'big red'). On this particularly frigid morning I was on my way to a day full of meetings ending with a PR event with the dried plum council in DC.  I needed something business casual with a touch of flair, and a bag big enough to carry everything for the day. I also needed a light sweater to remove when offices turn their heat to 'furnace mode' but cozy enough to snuggle into beneath my coat. This is actually also a great outfit for a fancier Thanksgiving dinner (minus the bag). 


Now for the kicker…this dress is from Tarjay. I love that it's a heavy knit and hangs so well on the body with a slight flare at the skirt. One change that will be happening with this dress: it's definitely getting a few inches hemmed.  While the directly 'at knee' length was great for the cold and a more business like setting, it's just too long for my frame. Even though I do have long legs for 5'4", after toying with the hem at home, it looks much better cut above the horizontal line break. 


Bag: Kate Spade (No longer make this style but similar to the current Catherine Street-Aliza model) /// Dress: Target/// Shoes: J. Crew/// Red pyramid bracelet: Forever 21 (black version) ///Chunky knit boleroH&M, no longer sold and impossible to find a similar one. Here's a black faux fur bolero that has the same shape


Do you have a favorite color grouping right now?

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