You may have noticed the growing presence of my #SeasonsEatings pins on Pinterest…and finally I'm sharing the explanation. After this email from the crew at Harris Teeter, I've decided Season's Eatings just needs to be my greeting of choice for the  next several weeks. As a Pinterest addict and dietitian who loves the grocery store, I've partnered with Harris Teeter to give you all the chance to win a Kitchen Aid mixer and $250. Just follow the directions below for your chance to win that beauty. But for my favorite people (you all), you also have a chance to win $25 to Harris Teeter right here so you can get your shop on for holiday cooking. 

But first, I want to share one of my favorite totally non-traditional holiday desserts. These petite sugared cranberry cornbread cakes  are savory and sweet, bright (love those cranberries) but mellow (corn bread, I don't know how you do it…). 


Sugared Cranberry Cornbread Cakes


  • 1 box cornbread mix & necessary ingredients listed on box 
  • 4 ounces neufchâtel cheese
  • 2 Tablespoons skim milk
  • 1 C fresh cranberries
  • 1/4 C honey
  • 1/4 C sugar

Directions: Make  the corn bread in a wide, shallow pan. Allow to cool and cut out rounds using a cookie cutter/biscuit cutter. In a bowl, mix neufchatel cheese and milk to create the frosting. It should be lump free and easily spreadable.

Add warmed (not hot!) honey over cranberries in a small and place in fridge to cool slightly. Pour sugar into a bowl. Pick up individual honey coated cranberries and toss in sugar. Place on cake.

sugared cranberry cakes

If you've never had fresh cranberries before, give them a chance! They're sweet, but also a tinge tart with a citrus note…a perfect compliment to savory corn bread and mellow frosting. Sugaring the cranberries really elevates them as a pretty dessert with minimal effort. 

Have you tried fresh cranberries? What are you planning on making this holiday season?



Disclosure: This is a post sponsored by Harris Teeter. My opinions, recipe, photographs etc are all my own. I participated because I'm a dietitian and a good grocery store is my happy place. 

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