You can tell a lot about someone by what they carry in their purse/car/ 'satchel'. It's a rather fascinating anthropological study and in fact, Moleskine developed an entire Facebook album around it. For me, my bag is my office and I can work literally anywhere as long as I bring it along. Organization in the form of bags inside of bags, sticky notes, and notebooks are crucial while a whimsical touch keeps me away from becoming 'grouchy serious dietitian pants'. The only thing you won't find in this photo is a snack, which at this point, was TBD and packed.  First, let's cover the bag. A bag that stands up on its own with sturdy handles is the best base for an office carry all. My strawberry red Kate Spade bag has been one of the best purchases to date. With several interior pockets, it keeps things filed away beautifully. She comes with me everywhere.  To keep track of reminders, appointments and ideas these are my necessities. A Moleskinne (pink notebook) is tiny and can fit anywhere. I keep my list of 101 goals to accomplish, book ideas, blog ideas in this particular book. The micron is the best pen available and with a tiny line-weight I can write anywhere! Sticky notes in bright colors litter my Levenger agenda (top left).  Notice how it has my first and middle name? The husband gave it to me while we were dating with the hopes that I could use it, you know, after my last name changed. Good thing that plan worked out.   Because so much of my work is technology based, the Mac, iPad and phone are a must. Once you go Mac you never go back.  If I'm out for longer periods of time I have to have the touch up bag. This small leather purse is one my Dad brought back from Paris and I love it. I keep a pedometer, tic-tacs (sugar alcohol free), and of course Eos chapstick.

 For my wallet needs I have been using this glitter and pink clutch which is from Victoria's Secret. And I got it for free from them as part of a promotion, but I love it. It holds my business cards and keys which of course have pewter Virginia pride and a custom monogram tag.   What's in your bag? Post your photos!

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