Sometimes I see houses with white couches and chairs, bed covers and pillows, and I think "So gorgeous, we should do that!". And then I remember that is not and will never be a good idea in my house. Life + white surfaces all over= fail. But what I can love, are elements of white on shelves, the table and in my closet.


1. DIY Swan Straws: I'm a fan of straws, especially when I'm fully dressed or in the car. I do that because the law says that if I'm wearing white, I will absolutely spill on myself. 

2. White Pineapple: Pineapples are the symbol of hospitality! In fact, the Virginia governor's mansion creates a beautiful, real fruit transom decoration featuring a pineapple every Christmas. To bring an understated welcome to your home, snag this Nate Berkus piece. 

3. White Apple Jar: The dietitian in me loves anything produce themed. This apple is a little John Derian to me without being over the top. Store your jewelry from the day inside for the evening. While the apple was purchased from High Street Market, you could go for these Artichokes instead.  

4. White Jackets: This woman is so put together I want to be her. I love the crisp white coat paired with the black shirt and aviators. Although most of my fall outer coats are tweed/herringbone and black, I can't help but love this.  

Do you live in an 'I can keep things white' house? Or are you spill-tastic and have pets like me? 


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