The fourth of July is tomorrow! Are you ready to celebrate? On Friday I gave you the scoop on everything you need to throw a rollicking fourth of July, but today I share my 4, 4th Favorites. (Try that. Out loud. WIthout coffee.)



1. This sharp white linen bow top paired with blue patterned shorts is amazing. I can envision that back on a wedding dress! This top is pure Americana: crisp white shirts and a big ol' bow. If you can find where it can be purchased, let me know! Also, if you know where to find it and also know it's dry clean only, lie to me. I can't handle dry clean only apparel. [Side Note: Found the original shirt provider. Thank God they're out of stock]. 

2. Small post earrings are my go to. Simple gold stars are understated and can be worn year round. Can't you see these for New Year's Eve? 

3. Favorite firework ever: the Black Cat Snappers. Throw these tiny bundles on the ground and they snap. That's it. I can't begin to tell you what shameless joy it brings me to hide these under car door handles or in door jams to catch people off guard. I'm also sorry to say this is something I learned from my Father-in-Law who was known for hiding toilet paper rolls.  

4. Blueberry pie is amazing. Just don't wear the white shirt from image one while eating. I often leave some of the crust on a pie behind on my plate, but using star cut outs on top instead of an entire other sheet of pie crust...brilliant. And calorie smart too.  


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