Happy Wednesday! This week's four favorites has a specific theme: the beach.  I'm sure the other ladies in this round up will have adorable bathing suits for you to choose from, so I don't feel guilty about not adding them in this round up.  I've pulled a few other essentials. Here are some beach necessities to get you through your sandy weekend. 

1. Melon pops in two seconds. Super healthy and versatile. Southern Living nailed it on this one. Bring all sorts of spices and toppings to make a melon bar. 


2. Every beach trip needs a big bag that's cute, but you don't mind if it gets dirty or if sand fills every crevice you didn't know existed. This black and white straw Target tote fits the bill: Easy to access top, chic but not something to cry over.

3.Hydration is important for any day you're spending outside. To make water just as appealing as those easy to tote around....adult water bottles....this infusing pitcher makes your water easy to customize with herbs and fruit or cucumber. Need inspiration? Here are some of my favorite water infusing recipes. 

4. A quick, loose but interesting cover up is crucial for the beach or pool. If you need to run up to the car, not in a bikini, this makes it easy. No intricate lacing or buttons. Just the perfect black and white striped shirt to throw over top. Need to save on packing space? Pair this tunic with white jeans for lunch.  


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