I want to get this out there and admit I have not even started decorating for Christmas, which is really unlike me. Usually I love the addition of cozy layers and metallics to my house the day after Thanksgiving. I envision greenery wrapped around the front porch and window boxes overflowing from the second story…but that's more of my five year plan. Right now I'm trying to arrange business and meetings so I can take a total break the week of Christmas. And that is giving me more of a piece of mind than decorating just yet. But it's all good. I like busy.

What I can tell you is that I am having a huge appreciation for Scandinavian-esque winter decorations. I love the raw natural materials spaced lovingly and sparingly around a space. The structural nature of a single evergreen branch is hugely appreciated in a time when there a lot of 'more is more' decor. These are some of my favorites:

2013 favorite winter decorations

1. The pinecone garland// Real Simple 

2. The mistletoe wreath// My French Country Home 

3. The triple plain evergreen wreath on the front door/// unknown

4. The potted evergreen tree/// Dreamy Whites (Side note: OH MY GOSH. Go look at this website. These photos are gorgeous.)


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