Sometimes the best thing isn't a's a weekend get away. Just enough time to explore or relax without having to cancel the mail or hire someone to water your plants. This week's 4 favorites include my must haves for a quick trip.


1. This is my ideal weekend get away outfit as created by Classy & Fabulous. A flowing button up blouse or popover in a light color is breathable and easy to dress up or down. The white pants, skirt, or shorts are the peak of chic in summer.  

2. A bag big enough for a weekend can be hard to come by. You want enough space so things aren't wrinkled, but not so much that you look like a diva. I like the  leather strap weekend bag (my go to is super old LL bean canvas and leather number). Add a monogram for a personal touch.   

3. These gold hued starfish earrings from Design Darling are subtle yet can stand alone. I hate having to bring several statement pieces on a trip, so for just a weekend pick one or two fun pieces.  

4. My love of Sperry Topsider is longstanding. I have had the same pair since high school and they're still holding strong. At the same time, I also love a fun shoe (I think my gold glitter loafers get the most attention). These gold, sparkling Sperry Topsiders are perfect for walking or lounging and are on sale for $58 right now. 

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