Disclosure: Thanks to Gap Factory GapFit for partnering with me on this post.

So I just went to the gym to the first time in a long time. I low-key work out at home, but not like I should if we're being honest. Something about nearing birthdays and climbing in age makes you realize you actually need to get your adult-ness together. And here's the thing about going to the gym vs working out at home: you can't wear your college sweatshirt and the leggings with the hole in the thigh because your cat jumped off your leg with claws (...hypothetically). I mean, you can but sometimes you just need to recognize where an outfit update is due. 

Being someone who is particular about wardrobe in that I don't want a ton of stuff and I don't want stuff I don't actually like, let's just say that workout gear is low on my shopping list. I don't really know where to start. I don't need ridiculous high impact $100 pants because that's just an illogical representation of how much I work out and how much time I spend in those particular outfits. I do  need something that is comfortable, monochrome (because I'll actually wear it and it's easy to mix in with existing pieces) and moderately priced. I'm not one of those girls who lusts after workout gear. Or who posts Instagram pictures of me doing yoga. Because that's just who I am (what I am is highly un-flexible. Meanwhile Chris thad one of the best sit and reach scores in our high school, so...). But what I am is someone who is starting to try to build a regular workout routine, who doesn't want to look like a hot mess externally at 7 AM at the gym.

gap fitness; minimalist workout basics

When Gap Factory GapFit reached out, it was kind of great timing. We just started a gym membership. I had no idea where to start with said workout gear. Apparently GapFit was the right place for me. It's very classic, All-American and has the nice base colors I was looking for.  And by colors I mean black, white and grey. YAHS. It's not 'trendy'. It's awesome classic with a bit of edge (mesh, criss cross straps). 

To build out my base staples I bought a long legging, a capri legging and a pair of shorts. For tops I picked up a sports bra, tank and v-neck work out. Essentially three 'lengths' of tops and bottoms. All are mix-and-matchable. 

minimalist gap fitness basics pineapple
gap fitness; minimalist workout basics
  • The tank top has moisture wicking material and it's breathable. 
  • The sports bra has compression fabric and support. I LOVE the mesh detail on the back. 
  • The capri has compression, stretch and flat lock seams. It also has a small pocket that while I don't use it- it's nice to know 
  • The pants are one of my favorite items. Honestly, you could pull these off with a tunic just running errands. 
  • The shorts: so comfortable I'm actually about to buy more for summer around the house. 
  • The v-neck shirt fits my wardrobe to a t. About 50% of my wardrobe is v-neck shirts. 

So if you too, are realizing that maaaybe it's time to upgrade your workout wardrobe basics, check out GapFit online and in the factory store. Also, if you're trying to figure out how to not be bored while running: Radio Cherry Bombe podcast is the answer. 

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