What's not to like about watermelon? It's pink with green stripes...and quite frankly adorable in the same way kittens in flower beds are. At least to a dietitian anyway. Watermelon is also an excellent food for healthy weight loss. It's high in fiber, low in calories meaning you'll be full with less. It also has the most amount of lycopene in produce. Antioxidants? Heck yes! But don't get all tied up in thinking you're stuck with cubed melon for the rest of your days. The Watermelon Board has some really creative ways you can serve melon for breakfast, lunch, desserts, dinner and drinks! Browse the gallery and be inspired.  

Watermelon Cupcakes

Watermelon Petit Fours 

 Watermelon Star Cake

Let your healthy hostess imagination wander!


Note: All photos by the Watermelon Board.