I've never been to New Orleans, but someone I know did...and they brought me back chicory coffee and beignet mix for watching their beagle. Beignets are in no way healthy, but I'm a firm believer in an 80:20 concept. 80 percent of what you eat should be for health, and 20 percent should be life's indulgences. Beignets fit in the 20 percent to a certain extent. To make beignets healthier for a brunch party, after rolling them out and before cooking, cut them into tiny squares the size of Wheaties. Studies show that when food is served in smaller bites, we will actually feel more satisfied than if we had one gigantic beignet. 

To round out a brunch menu with a beignet or breakfast pastry, a big fruit platter or parfait station is an easy set up. Create orange segments, berries in glass jars, grapefruit halves lightly broiled, and mellon balls.

Are you a beignet lover?