I need snacks. All the time or I am not a nice person. I think the term I'm looking for here is hangry, or maybe 'basket case'.  When I saw this French Macaron case last year online I was a woman obsessed. They finally came up for sale last month, and yet even though I was quick to click only hours after they were posted, I ended up on a pre-order list for February. But lo and behold, I had the best surprise on my doorstep a few days ago. My lovely lilac macaron is now my constant companion. While the case was being sold as a vitamin case or jewelery box, I'm using it for tasty treats. This box is the perfect size for one serving of indulgent snacks. Dark chocolate chips, nuts, Cheddar Bunnies, tart cherries are all easy to over eat but good in the right amount.


Have a lovely case for a treat, and more importantly a snack to balance your blood sugar, is something everyone needs.