Mini Indian eggplants are adorable. Maybe it's just a dietitian thing to say tiny veggies are adorable, but deep purple with vibrant green stems throw me into kittens and bubbles territory. I couldn't leave the international market without them. Because I loved the shape so much, I created a recipe to keep the exterior in tact while filling it with goodies like quinoa, bright pomegranate, crunchy almonds and licorice like tarragon. This is actually what we ate during Superbowl Sunday. Followed by French macarons, black bean avocado nachos and vodka tonics. Um, I guess my Super Bowl eating was a little different than the rest of the US. But I'll still pass on the iffy 7 layer dip thanks.

To keep the Indian Eggplant appetizer from being dry, I recommend serving it with a side Greek yogurt sauce with lemon. Use this as a flexible recipe depending on how many you'll be serving.

Quinoa Pomegranate Mini Eggplants


  • quinoa, cooked and salted
  • tarragon, fresh chopped
  • pomegranate
  • slivered almonds
  • salt
  • pepper
  • olive oil
  • *greek yogurt sauce

Directions: Cook quinoa and fluff. Salt to taste. Slice eggplants in half length wise and scoop out the centers with a melon baller. The eggplants should resemble deviled eggs when scooped out. Chop balled eggplant and throw it in with the covered quinoa as it cools. Drizzle olive oil into the egg plant bowls and salt and pepper. Bake in the oven at 350 until the eggplant can be pierced but still holds shape.

While the eggplants bake, place pomegranate gems, chopped tarragon, quinoa and eggplant innards in a bowl and toss. When the eggplants are ready from the oven (you'll be able to smell them), Fill with the quinoa mix. Top with sliced almonds and serve with greek yogurt sauce.

What did you eat during the big game? What was the best commercial ( You are not allowed to say the Go Daddy Kiss commercial. Cringe.)

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