If I had to pick a favorite thing about summer it would be outdoor picnic events. I love packing up dinner and cocktails to go watch a concert, play or polo match. June marks the start to our summer picnic schedule with polo last weekend and Bill Cosby Live at an outdoor amphitheater this weekend. The husband and I LOVE the old Bill Cosby show. I'm kind of excited about this. 

How to...attend a summer picnic event

 Wear a sundress. It's a must for humid Virginia summers! It's light, breezy and you thank the lord it's sleeveless. Put your hair up in a bun for maximum breeze benefits. Skip heavy jewelry. I love one big cuff bracelet so I don't have to deal with anything on my neck. Don't just throw your picnic in a plastic bag. Go all out with a picnic basket and real silverware and cloth neon napkins.  For cocktails, glass is a no-no, so I bring our set of Tervis Tumblers (JMU logo emblazoned of course). They're indestructable and insulated.  Definitely pack a blanket to sit on. I can't tell you the number of people who forget this crucial seating step. So now the most important thing: What to eat. Think easy to eat or stab with a fork. Melon balls with mozzarella or oranges dipped in chocolate with sea salt. Cheese with a hearty baguette and olives works wonders as does a basket of strawberries. 


If you need more picnic inspiration you can check out my Healthy Hostess pinterest board or Summer Foods board.  



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