Everyone always wants to know what a dietitian nutritionist eats. God help me if someone sees me at a restaurant or in the grocery, because whatever I'm eating or buying is immediately analyzed. The thing is, we all eat differently and contrary to popular belief, I don't judge your food choices (unless you're paying me to work with you on them!). For example, I love good doughnuts. But I refuse to eat anything less than the best tasting ones (...that I can only get one place, and it's almost two hours away!). The calories of a really shi**y doughnut are not worth it to me. Whatever I am eating though, I'm very honest about it. If I eat pizza, I show you on Instagram how to do it in a healthy way...covered with salad!

Kara, my dietitian friend from Boston tagged me in a What I Ate Wednesday (WIAW) dietitian edition, so today I'm sharing in total honesty, what I ate. At first I hesitated. I don't "do" these types of tagged posts but I think this one is important to let you see what a health professional eats (and it's not full of lies).  Unfortunately, it was one of those days when I seriously needed to go to the grocery and am mid-way through a total fridge and freezer clean out for CSA season...so it was allll about creativity. As I take a look at these images, I know I didn't get enough fruit today and I really would have liked to do some fish at dinner. But this is all about being real. So tomorrow, I will eat more fruit and I will eat more fish. And life goes on. 

Side Note: It has been killing me to not start sharing posts and recipes using my new camera!  I'm so happy to have this post snuck in with that baby! BUT, I have to share the backlog of amazing stuff I've whipped up for you. 

What I Ate Wednesday: Dietitian Edition : breakfast
What I Ate Wednesday: Dietitian Edition: more breakfast 

Breakfast: Coffee is a must for me. We just bought a Chemex and it makes great coffee. The thing about coffee is if it's made well from quality beans, you don't have to cover it with a ton of sugar or creamer. I drink mine black with a little vanilla simple syrup I make on a weekly basis. Sometimes I make a lemon simple syrup to change it up. In terms of food, this lone grapefruit needed to be used up, so I ate it as my fruit for breakfast. And because no way in hell is a grapefruit enough, I had a slice of whole wheat toast with natural peanut butter. 

What I Ate Wednesday: Dietitian Edition: Lunch 

Lunch: My go to lunch is a big mess of some kind of greens with leftovers on top. This is raw kale with chana masala on top (Indian spiced chickpeas and carrots). As my husband would say "You think this has enough fiber?"

What I Ate Wednesday: Dietitian Edition: Snack 

Snack: I must snack. Always. This was a little iced coffee with a handful of snap peas.

What I Ate Wednesday: Dietitian Edition: dinner 

Dinner: Part of my job is recipe development and testing and photography (which is why this particular shot is so styled). You know what that means? I'm eating it. Sometimes I'm eating lots of it because I have to test it multiple times. Today was a healthy soufflé test day for a magazine recipe. I can't share the recipe yet, but trust me, this baby is pretty darn healthy!  I also had some leftover kale/date/balsamic salad I had sitting in the fridge. 


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