Happy Sunday! I hope everyone is enjoying the last bit of the weekend. We spent the weekend outside on my parent's terrace celebrating a combined birthday, father's day, 'congrats on your Washington Wizards girl tryouts' and 'welcome home from Morocco' day. Yes, we are an eclectic family. One of my favorite things about visiting my parents is the abundance of greenery and flowers I can scoop up to bring home to fill my space. Today I'm sharing a collection of recipes that celebrate that very thing: flowers! As part of The Recipe Redux's challenge to use flowers in cooking, I realized I just happened to have several already done! Actually, way more than I realized. There's no reason food can't be pretty. 

flowers in recipes 

Food and Flowers Swooned Photo Shoot: Well, look at that. First up is an entire tablescape spread dedicated to flowers in food that I styled this spring for Swooned. Click over to see all of the gorgeous images shot by Chelsea from Bit of Ivory.

Challah Coconut French Toast

Challah Coconut French ToastI bow before the breakfast genius of the husband. He came up with this recipe for coconut french toast with tiny orchids.

honeysuckle simple syrup 

Honey Suckle Simple Syrup : If you live in the South East or Mid-Atlantic, go grab that honeysuckle outside! I whipped up a simple syrup that's great in everything from desserts to drinks, dressings to coffee.

rosewater berry popsicles with mint 

Rosewater Berry Popsicles: If we've talked recently, you know I'm hooked on rosewater. The great thing about this Indian staple is that it holds up in flavor after freezing. 

rosewater cucumber cocktail 

Cucumber Rosewater Cocktail: I wasn't lying about the rosewater. Mix up a big batch of this for your next party. 

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