Happy holiday kick off and engagement season! 


We're officially in the midst of what will become SO MANY engagement announcements. But also inevitable complaining about how to stay healthy with all of the parties and festivities that are on the calendar. Over the past few years I've written a lot of articles on the intricacies of all of this for brides during the holidays. How to stay healthy as a couple, how to stay healthy as the bride as you try to watch your habits for wedding dress fitting, how not to explode at your in-laws for force feeding you one more slice of pie... It's kind of sadly ironic that the holidays are supposed to be celebrations and relaxing but they end up being stressful and overindulgent more often than not. But they don't have to be that way.

I rounded up the pieces I've written to guide you through these next weeks to stay healthy wedding sane! Below are a few of my pieces from Huffington Post Weddings as well as a podcast where I talked about my approach to being a balanced bride...and not crazy or restrictive. 

Safe travels and enjoy!


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