Cheers, it's Tuesday! I'm never one to pass on a good cocktail or a reason to celebrate, and I realized it's been a while since I've shared a drink with you guys. I posed this cocktail on Instagram the other weekend on one of the first Spring days that it was perfect to sit outside and had lots of questions! This is the perfect Spring bourbon cocktail to transition you out of your winter funk and it's based on an amazing (AMAZING) drink the husband and I had at a local restaurant.  

So let's talk mixin's shall we?  First I can't not talk about the black walnut. I have a love hate with black walnuts, mostly because we have a tree outside that constantly threatens to smash heads or windshields (true story, this has happened) as it drops the huge walnuts! The good part is, black walnut bitters are the greatest. We use Fee Brothers and if you're a DC local, go get your's at one of my favorite shops, Salt and Sundry!

The sorghum is your sweetness for the drink. I was turned onto sorghum after an episode of one of my favorite shows Mind of a Chef. Sorghum is actually nothing new. In fact it's a 5000 year old crop from Africa that boasts a caramel/wood smoke taste. It tastes sweeter and more clean than molasses and I'm obsessed. This is the kind I bought on Amazon. 

Spring Bourbon Whiskey Cocktail: Black Walnut Sorghum 

black walnut sorghum cocktail

/// Ingredients ///

  • Ice
  •  bourbon whiskey ( I use Bulleit
  • sorghum simple syrup (equal parts water to sorghum on the stove, stir to dissolve)
  • squeeze of orange
  • 5 drops black walnut bitters Fee Brothers

/// Directions /// Add ice to a glass. Add equal parts sorghum simple syrup and bourbon if you want a Carlene bartender cocktail... or less bourbon if needed. Drop in black walnut bitters and a squeeze of orange. Stir. 

Spring Bourbon Whiskey Cocktail: Black Walnut Sorghum

What cocktail are you loving for spring right now?


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