Coffee is a morning essential for me. I start nothing until I make coffee. Except for feed the animals because they won't let me start anything until then. With the warmer weather and early morning starts sometimes Chemex coffee just isn't in the cards. Or appealing in humidity where even wearing clothes is not appealing. This protein iced coffee has become the go-to in our house if we aren't ready for breakfast yet but we need to get a move on with the day.

Protein Iced Coffee

A good iced coffee to me is a little creamy (but not too much), very cold and honestly a lil' bit chocolatey. If I'm running around out and about, I get black iced coffee, but for a semi breakfast, I want more calories, more energy and this totally fits the bill. For a protein powder I went with Kura, which is actually a New Zealand company. In total transparency, they sent me some product a while back and I blew through the berry and vanilla flavors, but chocolate protein powder usually sits in my freezer because I don't like it in my fruit/veggie smoothies. And then the husband made THIS recipe and we love it. Kura has probiotics (happy gut microbes=amazing health) and has no gross after taste. They are in no way paying me to say that (and have no idea I'm doing this recipe) but it's the truth. I'm a fan.  

protein iced coffee, kura

Protein Iced Coffee

for two

/// Ingredients ///

  •  8 oz black coffee
  • 4 oz vanilla almond milk or milk
  • 1 scoop (scoop is in the bag) Kura chocolate protein powder
  • 6 ice cubes

/// Directions /// Add everything to a blender and have at it! I like it served with a straw because I don't like to get the froth on my face. I'm a picky pants.  

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