Let's talk about exercise, fitness, movement or whatever you want to call it for a quick second. It's no secret this is not a fitness blog. I'm not a runner (unless I'm being chased or there's food at the other end). I'm not a CrossFit junkie. But I do know the importance of some kind of movement and how it can help your health... it's just not my topic. I'm not a personal trainer (my sister and Grandma are though!) so it's just not in my realm of expertise for Healthfully Ever After on the daily. But I can't not share this MUST DO THING with you TODAY. 

Whatever you're doing right now: add 5,000 daily steps. 

Isn't that like the least sexy or extreme advice ever? But here's why I'm telling you that: it made a huge, huge, huge difference for me and the few pounds I gained during this horrible winter. It got me on track to do more and more. And seriously...it just starts with an extra 5,000 steps. Not even running: just freaking moving your body 5,000 paces more. 

After this freezing cold winter, I realized I had picked up 'treat' or sometimes things to become habit and everyday activities. One of those things? Literally just not moving and staying bundled under covers (with cats because they were cold too so...). Instead of foolishly deciding to jump out and hurt myself strenuously working out and signing up for a million classes I decided to start small. And that meant just adding 5,000 extra steps a day. At first I failed. I barely added 2,500 each day. But I've finally gotten to the point where I'm hitting over 5,000 extra each day and it's made a MAJOR impact. Also, for those of you who don't know it's recommended that each person get 10,000 total steps each day. I bet you many of us aren't getting that. I know I don't unless I go for a hike! Sad right?

3 ways to get started

  • Get a fitness tracker: I don't care if it's a cheapie pedometer or an apple watch or something in between. Get something that tells you where you stand. I use a Jawbone 24 UP which pairs with my iPhone and I love it. Having the number makes it non negotiable. Did I hit the number or didn't I?
  • Get workout gear: Limit your excuses. Get shorts or pants, shoes and a sports bra. These are RBX Active (and they HAVE A POCKET!).  I really like the flat seams on these in particular. If you're looking to try out these leggings you can get 25% off purchases over $50 until 7/31/15 with the code Active25. 
  • Get a stair stepper/elliptical/ or have a walking plan: There are days it will rain or it's 10 PM and you realize you didn't hit your goal. I have a stair stepper and I'm OBSESSED. It means I can stair step and catch up on YouTube or shows on my laptop at the same time. 

Want to take the 5,000 step challenge? Let me know how you do!

Dietitian Nutritionist. My husband Chris and I create food and beverage photos, videos, stopmotions and recipes. And they're really cool.