Let's talk about buns. Now that we're post Memorial Day, basically every gathering that you'll attend until September will serve something in a bun. Which is totally fine...unless the buns suck and aren't worth the calories. Or unless you are totally burger-ed or hot-dogged out. So in either of those two cases, a Thai tuna cake in a lettuce cup with fresh mango? YAAHS! 

Spicy Thai Tuna Cakes in Lettuce Cups
Spicy Thai Tuna Cakes in Lettuce Cups

There are definitely times you'll have pescatarians (I would know, I used to be one) or those who don't feel like eating meat during your party. Just so you don't have to plan that far ahead, I always like to keep some Bumble Bee tuna in the pantry for a quick tuna salad or tuna cakes. Or tuna casserole (Don't judge me. I love it and I'm not even from the mid-west). 

If you're the kind of person who likes to instantaneously throw parties, you'll love a new product Bumble Bee has that are pre-seasoned and lightly marinated (Bumble Bee Sensations or their Prime Fillet Gourmet Flavors). OR, let's be real, if you need lunch or dinner STAT and haven't been to the grocery in forever. Because of the new packaging in both of these (pouch or tin that doesn't require a can opener) these are really, really good travel or on the go options if you need a protein fix. 


Thai Tuna Cakes

Makes 4 cakes

/// Ingredients /// 

  • 2 cans Bumble Bee Sensations Seasoned Tuna Medley Bowl Spicy Thai Chili
  • 1 egg
  • bread crumbs, start with about 1/4 cup
  • butter and olive oil for the pan
  • Boston/Bibb/Butter lettuce
  • mint
  • red pepper, cut into slivers 
  • mango, cubed
  • lime wedges

/// Directions ///

In a medium mixing bowl add tuna (remove the thai chili), egg and enough breadcrumbs to bring the mix together. In a cast iron skillet, heat about 1 T butter and a T oil. Form the patties, but don't pack them together or they will be too dense. Place the patties on the skillet until each side is browned and completely heated through. While the patties are on the skillet, slice red pepper, cube mango and mince mint. Cut lime wedges to squeeze on top  before serving. Once the cakes are browned on each side, place in a lettuce cup, top with red pepper, mango, mint and lime.


What are your favorite summer staple recipes? Have you ever done tuna all faaancy schmancy? 

Spicy Thai Tuna Cakes in Lettuce Cups

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