I love summer food. This season is the easiest for me when I cook because all it takes is opening the fridge or my CSA basket and adding a protein and sometimes a starch. That's my equation a solid eighty percent of the time I cook. Vegetation that needs to be used + what ever the heck I want + whatever is in the pantry. I know I have clients and friends and readers who do love a good meal plan (and there are major benefits to meal planning) but I've gotta be real honest with you: that rarely happens in this house. We fly by the seat of our chinos shorts. We're an exciting couple. 

Here are three really easy and delicious summer, June meals to get you started. Stay tuned each month as I share another batch of easy and healthy meals for the month (with a video). 

Three Quick and Healthy Summer Meals: June

Sesame Pork ramen with soft poached egg, napa cabbage and veggies. :: This is definite comfort food for us. Add sesame oil to whatever veggies you're steaming and cook the ramen with star anise for major flavor impact. I also personally love to add fresh, raw shredded napa cabbage or lettuce for something bright! 

Three Quick and Healthy Summer Meals: June

Poached lemon herb tilapia with sautéed snap peas and squash. If you want the freaking softest most gorgeous fish ever, poach it in wine or milk. My grandma always made poached fish for me with lemon and herbs. She would ask me where the kale is in this dish, but today, we're going with snap peas. 

Three Quick and Healthy Summer Meals: June

Garlic tomato fusilli with summer squash, asiago and basil (this would be fantastic with roasted chicken). If you have literally nothing in your house beyond produce just go to your pantry. We usually have a box of pasta hanging around to pull a meal together. Admittedly, this is a little grain heavy and I'd like to have added more veggies and a protein. But it was delicious. No regrets. 

Want to see the food in action? Check out the video! 

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