When I'm stuck on what to make for lunch or dinner, I start with eggs. We almost always have at least eggs in the house as a protein source. And if we're out of eggs, it must have been a hell of a week because apparently that's what I made every single day since I was short on time. As schedules start to thaw from winter hibernation and every sort of celebration and gathering is starting to appear on your calendar, here are 6 (well, actually 8) egg based recipes for when you're on the go. From Mexican to Mediterranean flavors and everything in between, may your schedule calm down and your kitchen eventually replenish.

This past week, was that week for me. Our state nutrition conference started on Sunday and ran until Tuesday. This was an especially 'full' feeling conference for me since I assume the role as President in June of this year. Between recruiting for my executive board and also running an exhibitor booth for a different nutrition executive board I sit on, I felt like I had to be 'on' a lot in the best way possible. And when I got home Tuesday I promptly started processing over 300 pounds of produce with Chris for an event on Wednesday (lesson learned. Never doing that again.). Because we both have the same schedule more or less for our business (when we're busy, we are both VERY busy), feeding ourselves sometimes is a last priority. Also, when you're around that much food prep, you're kind of like....."So, do you want to go pick up something?". Because the last thing you want to do is cook for yourself (especially if you're out of eggs). 

Oh and also...we just ate mashed potatoes for lunch. Like, just mashed potatoes. So obviously, no we haven't gone grocery shopping just yet. We'll get there.

6 healthy egg recipes

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