Happy New Year! Do you feel like you need a healthy eating reset? And/or, do you just want some good recipe ideas? Cool either way. I'm personally not a dieter and I don't do New Years resolutions (I do an In and Out list) but I LOVE round ups like this. Sometimes I get in a cooking rut and that is so boring! I've got 20 simple and healthy recipes for you below to get the wheels turning when you plan your menu for the week. 

Now these recipes are not buzzing with trendy superfoods. They're not 'grain free, gluten free, vegan, paleo' because that's not how I eat and I don't think things with those labels are automatically healthy. Although annoyingly, they do get clicks... All of these recipes are just plain good and they happen to be healthy. You're going to see a salad that has a smear of mascarpone cheese. or a sprinkle of sugar or a pat of butter because these things help make really awesome healthy foods taste even better and crave-able. To me, healthy eating and just freaking eating should be synonymous. It's about how you build your day and week to work in both. Curate your menu. 

If you also feel like you just need to  shed some bad habits and you want a guide, you can download my Back to Basics E-book which is a 1 week reset with workouts created by NBA dancer sister and a meal plan by your's truly. I've also got additional tips to help get your kitchen and health in order. Check out this YouTube video to get the rundown on the Back to Basics E-book.  The ebook just under $15 which is basically 1 city cocktail or 3 flavored coffees and it gives you grocery lists and a kick in the pants to get started. I think that's a pretty good deal. 


20 Healthy, Simple Recipes for your January Reset

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