Spirulina Meyer Lemon Green Juice in a Blender

Refreshing yet earthy green juice lemonade made with meyer lemons and spirulina. 

Spirulina Meyer Lemon Green Juice in a Blender

Juice was having a major moment two years ago on the food and health circuit, but just like chia pudding it's one of those things I blogged about back then with a recipe... and then forgot about it. I think that's my biggest beef with food fads. It's not usually the trend itself (since most of the time it focuses on a nutrient or produce item), but it's the fact that it's EVERYWHERE and I'm "over it" two weeks in. It's a shame since sometimes the concept itself is worth remembering.

Today's recipe blog is our final early January healthy menu planning item. It's a twist on what was my go to juice blend but adding nutrient packed spirulina and using sweeter meyer lemons during citrus season. This recipe would be great with breakfast or lunch or as part of a snack. I mean, heck, if we're going all in on the once fad thing maybe have some avocado toast or sweet potato toast too. 

Spirulina Meyer Lemon Green Juice in a Blender

Now, don't think you need a juicer to do this recipe. I do not own a juicer. I do not anticipate purchasing a juicer. I use my Vitamix (the best, high powered blender out there). In fact, we've had our Vitamix since 2009 and it has functioned like the glorious beast it is without problems. So when Vitamix emailed me in December to see if I would be interested in testing their new A2300 series before it launched I stopped doing excited laps around the office and said "DUH". Or a much more professional courteous version of that. 

The new A2300 or A2500 series (Ascent series) have several changes from my classic 2009 model. If you are considering finally buying a Vitamix, now is 100% the time to do it. This series finally has the highly coveted multi size container blending ability that some of the popular lower quality blenders have. That means you can do an 8 oz smoothie or go all the way up to this behemoth size I've got in the picture. There is a TON of size flexibility. And beyond the sizing, the Vitamix has a self detecting size function so it adjusts blending to the cup size need. 

The biggest diffence is going to be the digital display and timer (and for me from my 2009 model, the pulse function). The digital display is nice since it makes you a better user in general. You're more aware of about how long you should be blending for the best consistency. That being said, the A2500 (not pictured) also includes 3 pre-set functions that turn off when done for soup, smoothie and frozen dessert.  In short- it helps you become a better user while possibly multi-tasking in the kitchen. That's not something I personally need but if you're super busy in the kitchen or are lining up multiple smoothies for breakfast for you and your household, it might be your thing. 

Lastly, the blending abilities of the Vitamix are still THE BEST. Even compared to my 2009 model, this absolutely ripped through all the produce even better than I expected.  My only wish is that future models have a smaller base with counter space at a premium. 

Spirulina Meyer Lemon Green Juice in a Blender
Spirulina Meyer Lemon Green Juice in a Blender

Using a high powered blender paired with a (Don't hate me. I hate myself for this.) nut milk bag to strain out the pulp lets you keep your appliances to a minimum. Blend, strain, drink. That's it. Here's the nut milk bag I've been using. It will definitely discolor after making lots of green juices or turmeric uses. And I'm going to admit the one in the video used to be white. 

Spirulina Meyer Lemon Green Juice in a Blender


Spirulina Meyer Lemon Green Juice

makes 3 cups

/// Ingredients ///

  • 1 1/2 large granny smith apples, cubed and cored
  • 2 mini English cucumbers
  • 2 meyer lemons, peeled
  • 1 half inch of ginger (more or less depending on your ginger tolerance), peeled
  • 3-4 big handfuls of kale (stem removed) 
  • 1 Tablespoon spirulina powder 
  • 1 cup water

/// Directions //// Prepare ingredients. Add water followed by spirulina, kale and then remaining produce to Vitamix. Turn on lowest level and slowly move up to the highest speed for 45 seconds. Juice is done when there are no remaining chunks in the blender. Pour juice into a nut milk bag and strain. Discard pulp. Store juice in fridge up to two days. Best if consumed within the day. 

Spirulina Meyer Lemon Green Juice in a Blender

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