Top 10 Recipes of 2017

The most popular recipes of 2017: from spirulina juice to strawberry schaum tortes

whipped feta dip

1. whipped feta dip

Savory and salty whipped feta with spicy red pepper topping: perfect for dipping on New Year's eve.

sprirulina meringues with rose crystals

2. spirulina meringues with rose crystals

A gluten free dessert that's earthy but sweet: spirulina meringue kisses, dipped in white chocolate and topped with crystalized rose.


3. Ginger Honey Switchel Drink

Good for spring or winter, ginger, honey and rosemary come together for a switchel. And it's good with a shot of vodka. 

pimento cheese old bay doughnuts

4. pimento cheese old bay doughnuts

Hands down one of the more brilliant flavor pairings. glazed doughnuts, stuffed with pimento cheese and dusted with Old Bay. 

frozen apple cider slushee cocktail

5. frozen apple cider slushee cocktails

When you want to feel festive in fall but it's still hot as hell. We were all about these in October.

parsnip french fry kale salad with cashew dressing

6. parsnip french fry kale salad with cashew dressing

Because it's fries and kale and a vegan cashew dressing. It's a little bit of healthy with a little bit of french fry so YES. 

spring basil schaum torte with strawberries

7. Strawberry Basil Schaum Torte

Schaum tortes are always a staple for us. This strawberry basil one takes the cake in terms of beauty since we were playing with Holly, our florist friend. 

tuna and avocado greens bowl

8. Tuna Avocado Greens Bowl

When you're thinking 'buddha bowl' but want something colder and refreshing. It's protein, healthy fat and lots of crunch. 

spirulina green juice in a blender

9. Spirulina Green Juice in a Blender

If you're into juicing but don't want to buy a juicer you can 100% make it in a Vitamix. We made meyer lemon spirulina green juice and it's the best in winter. 

baked feta falafel bowl

10. Baked Feta Falafel Bowl

Feta stuffed falafel is SO nice to have in the freezer. Paired with this yogurt sauce we also made a recipe for, it's a super filling healthy lunch. 

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