Women in Food: 10 Questions with Kristin of Tin Tin's Ceramic Work

Women in food: focusing on eating surfaces and surroundings for dining.

Up to this point, every women in food interview on Healthfully Ever After has been very obviously food related: food product inventors, food PR, chefs, etc. But today we're doing something different. Today we're talking about bowls, plates, vases and art because, as someone undergoing a house renovation I can tell you art, surroundings and aesthetically pleasing food situations are important. And not even just in a visual way: the way you feel in the space and the objects you use (good looking or not, they may have a beautiful memory attached) it makes a difference. After meeting Kristin at an event in DC last year, I really wanted to have her on the blog to provide a fresh look from a new perspective on food and eating. After all, a huge part of my job is making food situations look good and Kristin's bowls have a place in our prop room.

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"simply adding a few things to our everyday eating routines brings more intention to our day, and what we are doing."

kristin of tin tin's ceramics
tin tin's ceramics

1. Tell us about yourself and your business. 

I am a painter and ceramic artist.  

My work is often influenced by organic and manmade patterns and colors found in both internal and external environments, my works ask the viewer to participate in interpretation. This starts with most viewers’ first question: What am I looking at?  Beyond the basics, viewers are also asked to contemplate more existential questions: What’s inside?  What’s outside?  What’s intentional?  What happens by chance?  Often my art evokes a memory of either the sea or land--a connection to nature.  All of this allows the audience to have a personal relationship to the art/ceramics that is their own.

tin tin's ceramics
tin tin's ceramics

2. If you could define your food/cooking/eating philosophy in one sentence it would be….

Simple, flavorful, and filling!

3. What are your 3 must have foods in your kitchen?

Lemon, garlic, and butter...while pregnant though it was orange juice, chocolate, and peanut butter ( I had my daughter 6 weeks ago). 

4. Do you have specific utensils you like to pair with your ceramic work?

I do not have any specific utensils that I pair with my ceramics.  Since my ceramics are simple in color (blues, white, and gold,) they can be paired with a variety of utensils varying from everyday use to special occasions.  I hope that they elevate any tableware.

5. What kind of dishes do you use in your own home (for day to day and entertaining?)

 My everyday dishes begin with a set of strong, sturdy, white porcelain set.  I received these as a wedding gift years ago.  I love them because they are timeless, durable, and pair well with other items.  Then I have a few pieces that I collected through my travels such as crocks from Somerset England and carafes from Spain.  When I entertain I use my day to day pieces but add my ceramics, and use my good silver and glassware to add something special to the event.  

tin tin's ceramics

6. What are your thoughts on 'saving' special plates/glasses for special occasions? Do you want your ceramic work to be used or viewed?  

I love saving certain pieces for special occasions because I feel as though it adds a bit more of excitement and sacredness to the day.  It's a family tradition...my mother has a special set of tableware for occasions, as well as my grandmother.  I want my pieces to add excitement to the home.  Whether it is day to day or just 2 times a year.  When they look at it I want it have intention in the home, and a connection beyond "just a bowl" whether they use it or just view it.   They are made to be functional but because of the artistry I apply to each one they can be viewed as such.   My ceramics all have stories behind them, so my story becomes yours story as well.  

7. What are your go-to resources for all things food/entertaining/art (websites/magazines/groceries etc)?


8. Where's your favorite place to eat in the DC area?

I enjoy the "markets" in DC.  I live right near Eastern Market and go there at least 2 times a week.  I love Union Market as well.  Now that the weather is nice it is the perfect place to have a drink and grab some yummy food.  La Colombe coffee shop has gorgeous ceramics that I admire.  I haven't been but I am dying to go to Rose's Luxury.  It is right now the street from me!  

9. Must have kitchen/dining tool:

It is actually two things a fork and knife to eat.  After living abroad for several years, and watching everyone eat with both, I picked up the habit.  Now it feels so strange to just eat with a fork.  Its as though the other hand is sad and wants to be involved.  Also, once you get used to eating like that you see how well they work together to get the food into your mouth faster. ;)

10. What’s the one thing you learned this year that changed the way you think about food/eating/gathering?

That simply adding a few things to our everyday eating routines bring more intention to our day, and what we are doing.  With our addictions to our devices it is nice to stop and attempt to eat a wonderful meal, surrounded by beautiful ceramic art, and good conversation. Makes any day better...or least I hope it does!

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