50 Summer Dresses with Pockets (for snacks) Under $200

50 Summer Dresses with Pockets (for snacks) Under $200

50 Summer Dresses with Pockets (for snacks) Under $200

Women love dresses with pockets. If it has pockets, the dress is automatically "top 10 in your wardrobe" rated. You know why we love pockets? They are a place to put snacks (sure and other things like money or a driver's license but more importantly, snacks). It also gives you something to do with your hands in photos. Don't underestimate how important this is until you're having a photo taken and you have nothing to hold. 

Chris only recently learned the importance of pockets for women when he discovered a pair of my shorts had faux pockets. You know, the ones where they look like they are functional, but they're sewn shut with no actual pocket? He was horrified. 

So if you too are a pocket lover, here are 50 summer dresses, all under $200 to save you time. They're all from Nordstrom, so if you happen to be shopping the annual sale, check in and see if they're discounted in the next few days. 

50 dresses under $200 with pockets (for snacks)

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