How to Grow Microgreens In Your Home

If you've ever wanted to grow microgreens, a trendy ingredient and superfood, in your home, here's how.

how to grow microgreens 

Last year I fell in love with microgreens hard, but the first mention of them on the blog was somewhere back in 2012...maybe earlier. The fact of the matter is, they're gorgeous and easy to style with, but they're also incredibly nutrient dense. When this blog was more of my life in college as a nutrition student, and my writing style was that of someone trying SO HARD to be taken seriously as a health professional, the microgreens reference was purely clinical. Because nothing sells food like a clinical take. Delicious.

After using more and more microgreens in our recipes, and thus shelling out all the money to grocery stores for the product (because it degrades quickly and must be shipped immediately), I decided to grow my own. The great part about microgreens is they need virtually no space to grow. You need a shallow container. Any container! Go check your recycling bin. Once we grew a few cycles of microgreens, we decided to share what we learned (and why you should grow them too). 

Go see the article over on MindBodyGreen! 

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