5 Steps to Revamp Your Wellness Routine

You may be doing A LOT in your wellness routine…but is it all actually working for you? 5 steps to find out what is worth keeping, and what you should let go of.

5 Steps to Revamp Your Wellness Routine

I love efficiency and effectiveness. It’s why I love color coding systems, finding an outfit equation that works and in general, the city of Copenhagen. It also extends to wellness. For me, it’s really not a matter of how expensive or inexpensive something is…it’s whether or not it works, I enjoy it and it has earned a place in my routine.

More expensive does not mean better in the same way that inexpensive doesn’t mean bad. If you love your discount neighborhood version of a popular workout class, do it! But if the less expensive version of the ashwagandha supplement you found isn’t working….it’s time to spend more and get something that works.

The act of investing time or money or emotion into wellness is not a guarantee it works. On the plus side, wellness is very easy to personalize. It just takes a little time to analyze.

Over on Inspired Home I’m sharing 5 steps to make take a hard look at your wellness routine and transform it into something worth your while. It’s the perfect night in project or weekend ponder.

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5 steps to revamp your wellness routine

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