How clean do you eat?

In the age of super-preservatives and ultra-additives, the clean eating lifestyle is making a comeback. One of my favorite VDA speakers was fellow NoVA foodie, Diane Welland RD, author of 'The Complete Idiots Guide to Eating Clean".

Where did clean eating begin?:

  • 1960's: 'Hippies' rebel against big business and avoid processed food for moral and societal reasons
  • 1980's: Gym/ fit model culture
  • 2005: Clean eating creeps into main stream terms

Clean eating isn't a diet, but more of a lifestyle, based on whole and nutritious foods. The aim is for a naturally balanced eating pattern that doesn't leave out MAJOR components of a healthy diet (Uhh Atkins? Dukan diet?). Clean eating encourages breakfast, lunch, dinner and snackies in between plus nixing high sugar beverages like your orange, mocha frappuccino. Without realizing it...I try to be a clean eater. Not squeaky clean, I like my occasional Nutella, but mostly clean.

So why is clean eating becoming popular? It's trendy, meaning it hits the major 'wants' of our culture:

  • Building a better you
  • Going 'green' and the local movement
  • Back to the kitchen
  • Desire to simplify

Clean eating can be a major challenge for the average American who drinks almost 21% of their calories each day. This client faces real and percieved issues to clean eating like lack of time, money, skill, and taste preference. When developing strategies to introduce clean eating to a client, or yourself, start with the floor plan and ways to overcome the real and percieved issues.

  • Time and Convenience: Teach small, gradual changes and simple steps. For example, cook once and eat twice! Freeze your extras. Plan an effective purchasing expedition and prep time.
  • Lack of Skill: Is there basic kitchen equipment available (knives, pots, pans)? What techniques do you know in the kitchen (broil, chopping)? How about making it a family affair in the kitchen with lots of help?
  • Money: Buy in bulk, look for sales, and absolutely garden. Pantry essentials like dried beans can be inexpensive with a long shelf life and nutrient packed!

Have you been a clean eater? Check out one of Diane's Clean Eating Recipes!