Have you ever read a medication box? Perhaps perused the side effects section? I always skim the box on over the counter medication so I know what to expect...but sometimes the whole story isn't there. Like why you may have a black tongue. So to convey some knowledge on a commonly taken medication, it's story time:

Last night my fabulous fiance took some Pepto Bismol. This morning while doing the usual dental routine, he spit out...black. After immediately opening his mouth, face very close to the mirror, I hear "OH MY GOSH I HAVE THE BLACK PLAGUE!" His tongue had turned completely black. That is not a side effect either of us is familiar with and so we did what every modern couple does. We Googled.

The Science: The active ingredient of Pepto contains bismuth.When it combines with sulfur in your G.I. tract, it creates bismuth sulfide which is black. Even though it may absolutely freak you out, it is temporary and harmless, lasting from a few hours to a few days.

Have you ever had crazy side effects?