Yes Virginia, there really are sugar plums. While they may be the verbal condiments of Christmas poetry, sugar plums are a true fruit and not infact, sugar-ed plums. While at the international grocery store we love to browse the unusual fruit section that my Dad enjoyed while he lived overseas but is just now making its way to the states. This round, our big find  was the sugar plum.

Sugar plums are tiny (think quail eggs) pear shaped fruits. While in the ripening process, the plums are green with swipes of deep purple (like in the picture). Three to four days after this stage they become a deep plum color and will feel slightly soft when squeezed.

Sugar plums 101:

  • drupaceous fruit (they have a pit/center seed)
  • packed with vitamin A and C
  • provide 1 gram of fiber per serving
  • seen in Asian cuisine but pair well with berries in a sauce

To me, they are the perfect snack to toss in your bag along with a bag of almonds or walnuts. If you ever see them at a standard  market, pick them up, but be prepared to leave an arm and a leg behind! If you're savvy and want them in the next five years, you've got to schedule a field trip to the international market.