Before we start I'm sure I need to answer a few questions. Yes, prunes are the same thing as dried plums. No, they aren't just for the 'older population'. Yes, they keep you 'regular'.

Regardless of the name, this dried fruit is back on the scene as a great snack for any age. You may have seen the television commercials for Sunsweet Ones  which are individually wrapped dried plums. The basic goal of the commercial is to show people they're not just for Grandma any more. But, you don't need the commercial to figure it out for yourself! I admit, I was skeptical at first, but now they are one of my favorite options.

Give prunes a chance. Whether you're going for the individually wrapped ones, or the better, less packaging, full bag, the nutrition is the same. One serving, or 4-5 dried plums contain:

  • 3 g keep you full and help keep your digestive tract consistent.
  • Almost 300 mg potassium...for nerve and muscle maintenance, plus blood pressure regulation.
  • 15 mg magnesium...for healthy bones. Did you know 2/3 your Mg is in your bones?
  • less than 100 calories...Fruit is low calorie and high fiber so you will feel full on a great option!

Still not convinced and don't think your friends and family will be either? Think of dried plums as an alternative to 'fruit snacks'. With limited to no added sugar (depending on brand), get your serving of real fruit without the dyes and preservatives.

Have you given prunes a chance yet?