"Good night, sweet dreams!"

 If you're staying in these suites you really will have some sweet dreams. I love seeing food used as inspiration in decor. While food themed hotel rooms are relatively new (and few!), I think this is something we will be seeing more of in the future.

Maison Moschino

The room is filled with oversized treats from the pillows to the chandelier. In this Italian hotel, after all that pasta from your eating tour, maybe you will crave some dessert.

Dylan's Candy Bar Suite

While this was a special only done in February, there's some major sugar rush going on in this room. Over 300 pounds worth of candy was used to decorate  including  57 giant gummy bears!

Food Hotel

The Food Hotel in Germany is for those with a savory palate. Each room is different, but all are based on the supermarket. The most over the top room is the Chio room, designed by a potato chip company. All you can eat chips and a mirrored disco ball just in case.

Have you ever stayed in a food themed hotel? If you could design a food room, what would it be?