Thanks to the husband for the new graphic to this regular segment of the blog!

It's not just a sandwich.

It's the type of lunch you begin salivating over when you know you're headed in that direction of town. It's sad but at the same time I really don't need to make excuses. In fact, the husband and I are planning on beginning a support group for these sandwiches. We're addicts. Lock us up.

Where are the best subs in NoVA? Welcome to RJ's subs, an obscure Italian shop in a strip mall in Northern Virginia. As further clarification, it's an Italian sub shop owned by an Indian family.  Culinary diversity at it's finest.

Collectively, we've been customers for about 20 years and counting. So what makes RJ's different? After a sadly indepth analysis, here are our findings which apply to all sandwiches:

  • Oil and vinegar
  • The special spice mix
  • Real mayonaise

His order: The Deli...with everything

My order: The Veggie...with everything

What makes RJ's Subs Different? The sandwich has the correct ratio of bread to fillings and a tenderness that allows you to squish (technical term) for optimal bite sizing. The mayo is the first condiment contact with the bread providing a counter-balance to the dryness of the outer shell.  Next up, the shredded lettuce for crunch, followed by the pickled peppers for sweetness.

Then it's the oil and vinegar with special spices. I'm convinced this is the double whammy. The oil and vinegar does not soak the bread, only coating the inner most fillings. The spices are actually sold to consumers by an Italian brand and contain the following:

  • Cheese: I'm convinced this is key.
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Oregano

Price: Worth it regardless, but a 'regular' 8 inch sub will run about $4.00.

We're looking for sandwich addict members. If you're looking for your next fix, RJ's Deli is your destination.