Technology changes by the second. My social media clients tell me it feels like as soon as they get the hang of something, the format changes! With the popularity of Pinterest, I'm not surprised with the latest reformatting. Here's what's new and improved with Pinterest:

  • In the above screen shot, you'll see the newest profile page format. It's more visually centered (Which indeed fits the whole point of Pinterest).
  • Your boards now feature a large image of the latest pin of the group as well as several smaller pin pictures. The only downside is the occasional unappealing pin (see third picture to the right) with automatic photo cropping.
  • Your profile avatar and text are located in a top banner format.
  • My favorite addition is the featured avatars of accounts you often repin from. This helps give you an idea of the types of material the account provides and potential accounts for you to follow.

  • This screen shot is a visual representation of your latest activity which includes pictures of who you've recently followed, what you've pinned or re-pinned, making a large format timeline.

But wait...there's more! Pinterest has expanded the types of media you can pin to include videos from sources like Hulu. And the latest development is the possibility  of creating an interface to allow apps to interact with the site.

What are your thoughts on new Pinterest? Love it? Hate it? (Need an invite?)

-Carlene Future RD

Dietitian Nutritionist. My husband Chris and I create food and beverage photos, videos, stopmotions and recipes. And they're really cool.