Instagram is my favorite social media platform. No competition. I used to be in love with Twitter but these days I just find myself craving the visual. When the B Bar asked us to link up with our top 3 Instagram recommendations I hopped on my phone and started scrolling to find the perfect 3 recommendations: one food, one lifestyle and one bad ass graphic. 

I'm pretty particular about Instagram. In fact, my social media clients I do consulting for tell me I'm an Instagram snob. And I totally am. I think in the midst of too much sharing in our world, people don't stop to think about why they're sharing something. What's the story? Is the lighting good? Have you shared it five million times before (Don't get me started- there are some people in my feed that use the same picture over and over again)?  In 2015 I really wanted to cut through the visual pollution and only keep the inspiring. I want people who will play the editor and only post the fantastic. Obviously, these three made the cut indefinitely. In the comments below I'd love to know how you feel about Instagram and the content shared there! So on to my picks: 

1. @_FoodStories_ : These ladies are Berlin based food stylists and photographers. Every single shot evokes the right mood and tells the right story without straying from their very specific style.  If you want editorial worthy cooking porn, these are your girls. 

2. EverAfterPress : Emily is a luxe wedding stationary designer from Paris. Her feed is the right light and airy mix of Parisian architecture, flowers and paper.

3. Flora.Forager : This account is so cool. SO COOL. This chick takes flowers and picks them apart, rearranges them and forms something amazing and beautiful. One day it might be a wreath, the next a fish, the next random geometric designs. 

Okay, wait, wait! One more I can't skip... If you're an animal lover like me you're going to freak out over:

4. @Kpunkka : I don't know how I found this guy, but I don't care. He's a Finland based freelance 'photographer and squirrel whisperer'. This guy gets wild animals to just walk up and chill with him. The videos he posts are awesome. 

Who are your 3 favorite instagrammers and why? Check out who these ladies recommended below!

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