We need to talk about this pretzel. It's very, very important so I can 1. relive this pretzel experience, but 2. so you can go buy this right now. (It was also National Pretzel Day last week!)

A few weeks ago the husband and I visited an Amish market in Maryland, inhaling two ginormous pretzels before 9 am. Those pretzels were so good we did not verbally communicate until the pretzel was completely gone. You just take a bite and this stupid grin spreads over your face. I will summarize the experience by saying it took a lot of will power to not purchase a third pretzel.

But what we did bring home was a bag of soft pretzel mix. While we were browsing the dry good section of the store, a man walked into the facility and bee lined to the mix. He grabbed a bag, rang up and left. If you are coming into an unusual strip mall/Amish market specifically for pretzel mix at that hour of the morning...we are thinking you know something we don't. And he did.

 These pictures are the result of that  bag of pretzel mix. They taste exactly like the soft pretzels we salivated over at the market. And that one bag of less than $4.00 mix...made about eight pretzels. Making the pretzels only required adding liquid, rolling dough, and dipping it in a mixture of water and baking soda to brown the pretzel. Not only is this pretzel mix easy, cheap, and delicious, but it is the perfect project for a party. Let your guests roll and shape their own!

We also hypothesized why pretzels are this crazy shape. As we rolled the dough and dipped it, all it wanted to do was shrink back to a small doughy pile! But, as you make the traditional pretzel shape, the connecting points keep the pretzel from shrinking. Genius.

Want the mix? Here's what you need to know:

While I can't attest to the product of whole wheat version ( they didn't have it at the market), I'm pretty sure if you're going to try the whole wheat pretzel, this is the place to do it.
Let me know if you order them!

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